OUR Vision

Spreading our wings with time.

We are living in times of intense competition, transformative opportunities and prolific development in every sphere of human life. The Chairman’s vision started because of his late father Haji Abdul Majid Barvatiya which gave the name HAM. The vision is to provide students with abundant knowledge, skills and moral values so that they efficiently discharge their duties to themselves, to the community, to the nation as a whole and to humanity at large. The aim is to spread wings all over Bastar and by large, the state of Chhattisgarh. We desire to make Chhattisgarh resourceful. We at HAM firmly believe that each student has the potential to achieve the impossible, to think beyond the boundaries and make unprecedented impact. We aim to educate every child that stands on the steps of HAM Institutions with eyes filled with hope and hearts filled with humble positivity. Our students will grow up to be emotionally and intellectually stable, independent and adaptable individuals with sound value systems. They will develop a strong sense of respect for their own culture in addition to sensitivity, knowledge and skills to contribute to the evolution of a diverse yet interdependent planet. Our students will be global goodwill representatives and will have the confidence and motivation to not just reach for the stars but also bring them to earth for the betterment of all of humanity.



We educate every child that stands on the steps of HAM.

HAM Institutions has one mission, to spread its wings all over the state of Chhattisgarh, starting with Bastar. Our mission is to expand our reachability to all parts of Bastar and all parts of Chhattisgarh and provide education as a right even in places where it’s still treated as a luxury. The school aims to create a fraternity of well-rounded individuals, where a spirit of creativity, curiosity and cooperation exists among both the students and teachers. Values of true leadership, self-discipline, intellectual and emotional growth are the heart and soul of the morals HAM Institutions intends to inculcate and instil in each child. Our school rests firm emphasis on learning rather than teaching. Our goal is to enable and ensure that students develop the confidence and assurance they need to muster the skies through innovation and discipline. The school believes in inciting Holistic Education which will lead to constructive growth of the Head, Heart and Hand.