HAM Academy Inaugurates Brand New Campus

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On the morning of 22nd February 2020, Chairman H. M. Hanif Barvatiya finally saw his 15 year old dream come true as he cut the red ribbon to the new campus of HAM Academy.

“After 15 years of hard work and support from my family and staff, we were able to bring this dream come to vision and eventually to reality. It’s a combined effort and everyone in the HAM Community has their contribution in this.” Says Chairman as he briefs his team on the day of the inauguration. New Campus of HAM Academy comes with a plethora of new facilities and functionalities such as indoor/outdoor sports, well equipped science as well as computer laboratories and a lot more.

Around 3000 guests shared the joy with the HAM Community on this day among which was MLA Rekhchand Jain and other esteemed guests. The team took great pleasure in giving full tour of the school to every guests without breaking a sweat.

When asked how he felt, this is what Director Sahil Barvatiya had to say, “I have always heard my father talk about building a new campus to provide better education and facilities to our students as well as staff. Helping him make his dream a reality is one of my biggest achievement so far and I can only hope to expand with time as my father dreams and his father before him.”

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