Corporate Head of HAM Academy
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Educational Visits

It is the policy of HAM Academy to encourage educational visits of all kinds as part of the wider educational experience that we offer to our students. We believe that students gain a great deal through experiences which take them out of the classroom and into the wider world. The ability to be independent, to take initiative, to test one’s resolve and inner strength, to see the world through others’ eyes are all benefits which educational visits bring. For all trips and visits, whether residential or not, permission must be sought from the Principal. School procedures must be followed rigorously.

The various visits include:

  • Fun Visits
  • Educational Visit
  • Cultural Visits
  • Industrial Visit
  • Historical Visit
  • Sports Visit

Others visits will be more generally educational, in social, cultural and recreational ways. All such visits off the school premises, no matter what their length or how close to, or far from, the school they are, require careful planning to ensure both that pupils make the maximum benefit from them, and that all issues relating to Health and Safety, and the safeguarding of children, are borne in mind.