Corporate Head of HAM Academy
(Established under section 25 of the Companies Act,1956
Corporate Identity no. : U85300CT2014NPL001309)


The school provides bus transportation facility to students. Parents who wish to avail bus facility should apply for it at the beginning of the year. Bus fees will be collected in installments. The school bus facility should be availed for the entire term. Notice in writing should be given in advance for discontinuance of the bus facility and change in boarding points. Nobody without a valid bus identity card will be allowed to board the bus. Loss of the identity card shall be reported promptly at the school office. Good behaviour is expected of all the students in the bus and at the boarding points where they wait for the bus. Strong and prompt disciplinary action will be taken against the students who misbehave. The bus facility will be available at all routs within a radius of  50km from Jagdalpur.