Corporate Head of HAM Academy
(Established under section 25 of the Companies Act,1956
Corporate Identity no. : U85300CT2014NPL001309)

Parent Rules

1. My children will attend all the classes from the re-opening day of the school/coaching as per the
timetable, failing which I am liable to pay a fine at the rate of Rs. 100/- per day for the first one
week. In case, I do not turn up even after one week of starting of classes, I shall be ineligible to
continue for the current academic year.

2. My children will be regular and punctual in all the classes (theory/practical/drawing) and secure
attendance of not less than 75% in each subject as stipulated by school / coaching. I am fully
aware that attendance less than 75% in any of the subjects will make him lose one year.

3. My children will compulsorily follow the dress code and uniform prescribed by the

4. My children will conduct himself/herself in a highly disciplined and decent manner both inside the
classroom and campus, failing which suitable action may be taken against him as per the rules
and regulations of the school/coaching.

5. My children will concentrate on his/her studies without wasting time in the
Campus/Hostel/Residence and attend all the tests to secure more than the minimum prescribed
marks in each subject. He/she will submit the assignments given in time to improve performance.

6. My children will not bring any Mobile Phone to the hostel/school/coaching campus and also,
he/she will not involve in any form of ragging inside or outside the campus, he/she is fully aware
that bringing mobile phone to the campus and involving in ragging is an offence and punishable
as per school/coaching rules/Law.

7. I will pay tuition fees, examination fees and any other dues within the stipulated time as required
by the Institute authorities failing which my children will not be permitted to attend the classes.

8. My children will not cause or involve in any sort of violence or disturbance both within and outside
the school/coaching campus.

9. If my children will be absent continuously for 3 classes, my parents will have to meet the
concerned HOD/Principal.

10. I/We have studied the leave rules of the institution. I/We understand that all festivals are
celebrated by the school in the school itself and no home leave is permissible on religious
functions. In addition to the Journey days, only two days leave for attending the marriages of real
sister and brother, or parents’ brother or sisters and to offer condolence to immediate relation is
permissible. Request for leave for attending the marriage should be accompanied by an invitation
card. No leave is granted to the my children unless applied for directly to the Principal.

11. I/We understand that my ward may be removed from the school for the following acts:

a) Using unfair means in any examination.
b) Consistent unsatisfactory progress.
c) Immorality.
d) Grave insubordination.
e) Stealing or extortion of money and/or items from other students.
f) Contempt of authority.
g) Breaking bounds.
h) Damaging school property.
I) Any word or action likely to undermine the reputation of the institution.
j) Bullying, assaulting and ragging in any form.
k) Smoking, alcohol abuse and substance abuse.

12. I/We understand that the school will do its best to provide normal medical aid, but will not be held
responsible for any kind of sickness and for all undisclosed diseases. In case of
communicable/infection disease, and for planned operations/procedures my children will be sent
home till he recovers.

13. If my/our ward leaves the school campus without permission, the school authorities may lodge an
FIR with the local police station and I/We will have no right to question and raise objections to this
action. The school will not be responsible for any mishap in such circumstances. My son/ward
may be considered for readmission only after paying a fine of Rs. 2,000/- and his/her re-
admission will be entirely at the discretion of the Principal.

14. I/We shall ensure that my ward will report punctually to the school on the school opening days
specified in the School Calendar failing which he exposes himself to disciplinary action including

15. I/We shall ensure that my ward does not carry cash or any other costly items to the hostel &

16. I/We & my/our family shall visit the school only on the days specified in the Visiting Schedule for
the Parents/ guardian.

17. I/We will not visit the dormitories of the students without proper permission from the Principal/Vice

18. I/We understand that if arrangements for professional training are required, I/We shall have to
pay additional fees applicable.

19. I/We assure that I/We will extend full co-operation to the School authorities in the interest of my

20. I/we are aware that the organizers of School/ Coaching to take all reasonable precaution and
safety measures during the excursions and field trips. However, I shall not hold the centre of its
organizers responsible for any accidents or any mishap happening due to unforeseen
circumstances to my ward during the said Excursions of Field trips.

21. The students are expected to be regular in their class work and should conduct themselves in a
disciplined manner. They should abide by such rules of discipline and conduct as stipulated by
the school/coaching from time to time.

22. The conduct of the students should be exemplary not only within the premises of the
school/coaching but also outside. This will help maintaining prestige and status of the

23. Student shall not object if their parents or guardians are informed of their indiscipline, irregularity
in attending classes, default in payment of fees and poor performance or failure in examinations
or any other matter of concern.

24. The school/coaching will not defray any expenses for out station educational Tours. However
transport will be made available, on charge based, for visits to local industries, with regard to out-
station tours, they may approach the concerned Head of the Department for necessary
preparation and organization. The outstation or local tours are always accompanied by teachers.

25. The students should inform any changes in the addresses of their parents/guardians to the
Academic and Examination Cells of the school/coaching.

26. The school/coaching premises and buildings should be kept clean. Writing and sticking -up of
posters and notices on the building walls is strictly prohibited.

27. Any student indulging brining outsiders into the school/coaching campus for any unacceptable
purpose will be expelled from the school/coaching.

28. I have gone through the above instructions and will abide by all the conditions falling which the
school/coaching may take any action deemed necessary in the matter.

29. The above information is noted by me and I will see that my ward abides the regulations

30. I will pay all the fees stipulated by the school/coaching from time to time during the beginning of
every academic year. I will be responsible for the conduct of my ward during his / her study in the
school/coaching. I shall visit the school/coaching at regular intervals to enquire about my ward’s
progress and conduct.