Corporate Head of HAM Academy
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HAM Academy

HAM Academy

We laid the foundation stone of HAM Academy as a small first step towards providing a sound base for a child’s future, and the fulfilment of the dreams and aspirations of parents.

At HAM, Jagdalpur, we ensure that those in our care are given every opportunity to develop into good human beings.

We are fully conscious that no responsibility is of a higher magnitude in exaltation or nobler than nurturing a juvenile mind and directing it towards the pursuit of excellence, with the power to shape its own destiny.

We would like our students to develop an open mind with a worldview that is deeply rooted in Indian heritage and tradition. We would like them to imbibe the values of those who shaped the nation, and above all, the noble sanskars: of nationalism, compassion and love for the less privileged.

At the same time, to keep pace with the speed of development, we will open newer and newer fields of knowledge to prepare our students for the future. We are focussing on the holistic, all round development of every child to enable each to confidently face the challenges of life ahead.

Ramesh Pandey
Principal HAM Academy