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HAM Kidz

HAM Kidz

Children are full of curiosity, enthusiasm and joy. They are active. They want to “do things”, to run, to play, to jump, to scribble, to talk in eagerness and they love to be noticed. They are young, fresh and innocent and require guidance from early age to love beautiful things – music, rhythm, colour, language dance and to be gracious behaviour. They have a right to live in this world and enjoy life.

At the same time little children must be made aware of the importance of good social habits. They must also learn that uncontrolled and unhealthy habits cannot bring abiding happiness. Respect & concern for others, their property and their feelings, should be inculcated in to their young minds. In this 21st Century they must start to learn this art of living at an early age.

Teachers and parents must realize that the children forms the wealth of the nation, far richer than all the revenue collected from various sources. Children therefore must be happy and able to express themselves in fun and in play. Children are now living in a rapidly changing world and these young ones must learn the right experiences for ‘right thinking and right living’.


Aisha Rashid
Principal HAM Kidz