Corporate Head of HAM Academy
(Established under section 25 of the Companies Act,1956
Corporate Identity no. : U85300CT2014NPL001309)

Chairman Message

An education institution plays an important role in building a nation, a society and an individual and it is a job of high responsibility when the recipient of that education are slated to perform the role of high responsibility, as in case of school like HAM Academy.

Today a typical student has to gather knowledge from hundreds of sources. In the age of internet, vast amount of knowledge is available on the websites. Learning has become easier. A person interested in a subject can get great amount of knowledge from the website without a teacher but this does not mean that the importance of teacher has diminished by any degree but has rather become indispensable and more challenging. Today the real role of teachers is to create eklavyas. An era of eklavyas has started. Those teachers who can arouse the interest of his student in particular subject will create in him a thirst for knowledge which he will try and satisfy in every way. It is the inspiration that student derives from the teacher that makes him work hard and walk an extra mile to realize his teacher's and then his own dream.

HAM academy has created a positive impact on the minds of people in a very short duration of time. I salute the teachers who are learned, inspiring, devoted, creative, courageous and compassionate because they have the ability to lead their mentees and catalyze a favourable change in them.

Dreams comes true only for those who see them with determination and optimistic attitude. We have taken to breathing with the air of faith in my team’s co-ordinated efforts and the feel for others need to join the main stream. If life is a journey, my thought come to close to H.W Longfellow’s words-

“Though often you may tumble boys,
Never be down cast
Try and try and try again
You will win at last”

I wish all the boys and girls who joined our caravan of hope, which is the best thing to pave the way of success, which they shall find some day.

H.M Hanif Barvatiya
Chairman- HAM Education